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talented people ...they must be destroyed!

Автор: Dr. Mansuroff, опубликовано: 09.08.2006 в 14:27

Oleg Deripaska: We buy talented people once and for all
Oleg Deripaska, Russian tycoon, personal friend of President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with VIP bulletin “Vremya Evrazii”
Nikolay Asmolov
Russian Aluminum (Rusal) is the most dynamically developing company in Russia. It ranks second among the world producers of primary aluminum. The company implements large-scale projects not only in Russia but also abroad, particularly in the Asian-Pacific region. Oleg Deripaska is the president of Rusal. He also heads his own investment company – Basic Element. This company is an active player on the metallurgy and timber stock markets and a leader in paper and pulp manufacturing, power engineering and many other industries.
- Oleg Vladimirovich, you are a world famous businessman whose name is a regular entry in Forbes. Your companies enjoy a high reputation on the Western markets. Along with that you take an active part in all international initiatives in the Asian-Pacific region. Is there any link between your investment plans in Middle-Asian projects and the fact that your companies have started interesting work with European financial institutions?
- It is true that until recently the business structures of Russia faced very serious work problems in Europe. However, lately the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the International Finance Corporation have agreed to provide loans to our companies for the prospecting and development of the bauxite deposits in Sredne-Timansk. This will make our work much easier.
- How can the foreign policy of a state help big business?
- Business is interested in entering new markets, for example, or in lowering the transactions costs. Russia invests its petrodollars in state securities of the US government. Thus, on these securities we can get hold of good credits from the US banking system. The insurance of these credits comes out much cheaper and the interests are lower. Besides, after Russia has already found its niche in the American economy, only really shortsighted people would bar the entrance to the USA to a big Russian businessman. Should they become too mulish, we can dump their greenbacks. This would bring to a collapse the entire economy of the USA and now Russia is capable of doing it. So, in the nearest future Russia will work on equal footing in America, provided, of course, some FBI freak doesn’t start digging again for “mafia” trace in big Russian business.
- President Putin has repeatedly emphasized your personal contribution to the Russian economy. Apparently, the power vertical of Russia is not a “secret of the seven seals” to you. How would you assess the viability and effectiveness both of the Russian government and the country’s big business?
- Power structures in Russia have taken final shape rather recently, a couple of years ago. It was then that the incompetent and inadequate bunch, which made bundles on “roulette gambling” rather than rational action, stopped sneaking into these structures. Now all of them are eliminated – some passed away, others are in labor camps, but most of them are burning the remaining cash abroad. Some of them, of course, feel nostalgic.
- Don’t you mean Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, Gussinsky, Zhivilo, etc.?
- Yes, I’m talking about them and the rest of the pack. So, it is exactly now that the power-vested people in Russia, i.e. those who are capable of making decisions that enable them to build up a system of control over the state apparatus, mass media and other means of population management, took the reins. Nowadays no one interferes with us. And we have found good managers for the purpose.
-What about President Putin? Excuse my question, but is he a manager? Or does he take decisions himself?
-The President of Russia is a top manager of a sort, who runs the whole country. He is a clever, adequate person who has never exceeded the limits of his authority. Have you taken notice of how the administration in the Moscow White House works, or the prosecution, courts, special services, Russian TV channels and press? They show brilliant performance! They all grist to the mill of the national economy and the business instead of putting spokes in our wheels as it used to be until recently. This deserves making investments, which is exactly what we’re doing.
-By “we” do you mean the prominent business community?
-“We” are the real power establishment of Russia. The big business is part of our technology.
-Who belongs to your circle, if it’s not a secret?
-Why should it be a secret? This circle takes in all those who consistently gravitated towards Russia’s first President – Boris Nikolaevitch Yeltsin. He dared taking tough decisions in economy and social policy in defiance of all attempts to play the string of crude populism, so numerous at that time in Russian politics. More often than not those were ignorant and simply stupid actions…
-Could you name any of the people who belong in your circle?
-These are Governor of Chukotka, Roman Abramovitch, myself and President of MDM-bank Andrey Melnichenko.
-How would you comment the fact that your business gives serious financial incentives to public servicemen, but you somehow manage to ward off accusations of corruption?
-There’s nothing funny nor strange about it. Nowhere in the world do the public servants, including those of the law-enforcement institutions or magistrates, live on miserable salaries paid from the state budget. If a person grasps how matters stand, if he is functional in any power technology, his personal income will be taken care of and his family will have a decent living. All the blockbusters, in which good guys clash with corrupt bad guys, are addressed to the populace; this is a kind of publicity for the state. That’s the way it is in Russia, America and the whole world. Besides, corruption is neither about under-the-counter bonuses nor salaries the big business pays to public servants. By definition, corruption – as I said before — is about cases when a public official accepts a graft on his own accord, wherever and whenever he wants.
-By the way, taking into account that you are on friendly terms with President Putin, how are you building your relationships with the power structures and the KGB brood in general?
-In fact, in a very common way. If a person has a broad enough frame of mind we employ him for a job fitting his level of competence. The Soviet KGB had a rich array of means for the maintenance of political and social stability.
-Won’t the West get frightened if labor camps or mental asylums, God forbid, come into fashion again?
-The new PR technologies make it possible to act preemptively and avoid uninvited scandals. The West has already swallowed the Tiananman events in China and makes heavy investments into a politically stable China. They can just as well swallow the new order in Russia.
-Aren’t the special services tempted to gain control over power structures?
-From the brood of the former power structures we engage in government only those who catch on to the priority of the financial mechanisms of power. This means that they must recognize our authority and leadership. In case a former KGB officer — be he even very experienced – doesn’t demonstrate a broad outlook and doesn’t understand that he must be a loyal servant of the Russian power, his chances are nil. But, generally speaking, we have a crying need for people who can help building our system of control over the society.
-I wonder how do you see the role of the opposition in the power structures. Do you need it at all?
-The opposition is a must. Otherwise the technology of society management would be seriously impaired. In Russia, for instance, we managed to form non-marginal opposition groups and learnt to control them well. Their top functionaries are our loyal people and we pay them generously. Of course, there are marginal groups, too. We are working with them as well. Stick and carrot are our levers.
-By the way, in your opinion, what is the proper way of treating the talented people in general? How does your system of power make use of them?
-It’s very simple. Buy them, once and for all. If the deal fails, they must be destroyed

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Re: talented people ...they must be destroyed!

Автор: талантливый пейсатель , опубликовано: 09.08.2006 в 15:23

Не знаю кто Вы, но подумалось что тоже талантливый писатель. Но Вас же не покупали буквально
? Не верю.

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