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History of Borisov N.L. and Glazyrin A.V.

Автор: Valery Glazyrin, опубликовано: 13.05.2018 в 13:49

In April 2013, Borisov NL, turned to Ubodoev V.Ya., who at that time was the oldest and largest developer of housing in Ulan-Ude, (carried out 70% of all work on housing construction), with a proposal to take participation in the construction of a land plot with cadastral number 03: 24: 032705: 35 with an area of ​​17 938 m2, located at: Ulan-Ude, ul. Klyuchevskaya 4B with the construction of residential buildings.
Borisov N.L. represented the interests of the owner of the land plot Glazyrina A.V. and has long been familiar with the family of V. Yabodoyev.
The history of Borisov N.L. and Glazyrin A.V. began in Irkutsk.
Glazyrin A.V. — Irkutsk businessman, son of the former director of the Baikal pulp and paper mill Valery Glazyrin, who put together his capital in the production of packaging and packaging. Alexander Glazyrin is represented by a dozen companies located in the Irkutsk region: LLC AVG, Trade House Online Service, LLC TLK-Grand, CJSC Baikalinvestproekt, and others.
Borisov N.V. — An Irkutsk lawyer who worked on high-profile cases in the Irkutsk region and Buryatia from the Borisov, Ivleva and Partners law firm was seen in Ulan-Ude at the scandalous trials of the Yubileiny trading house and the Stimul agricultural market. Then the victims directly expressed that there was a raider occupation of business by Irkutsk businessmen.
On April 29, 2014, the qualification commission of the Irkutsk Chamber of Advocates deprived Borisov of his status as an advocate for an intentional violation of the Code of Professional Ethics, namely for the presentation of forged documents to the court.
Glazyrin A.V. and Borisov N.V. jointly engaged in the territory of the Irkutsk region and Buryatia, buying up various assets, including through raider captures of enterprises, resulting in Glazyrin A.V. there appeared land plots, which he had been implementing in recent years. Already at that time a stable criminal group was formed and a scheme of deceiving construction contractors for those belonging to Glazyrin AV was developed. land plots and participants in shared construction.
May 21, 2013 Ubodoev V.Ya. and Glazyrin A.V. signed an agreement on cooperation, according to which Glazyrin A.V. provided for building a land plot with cadastral number 03: 24: 032705: 35 with an area of ​​17 938 m2, located at: Ulan-Ude, ul. Klyuchevskaya 4B, and Ubodoev V.Ya. undertook to organize its development with four multi-storey houses, with a total area of ​​36,000 m2 and build a covered parking lot. As a result of joint activities, A. Glazyrin. was to receive 6,000 m2 of residential space and 15% of parking spaces, the rest should have been used to finance the construction.
Proceeding from the signed agreement, Glazyrin A.V. had to receive 6,000 m2 in the first stage, after which they would be redistributed to 2,000 m2 in each of the next three lines.
That network, after registration of contracts of shared construction Glazyrin A.V. could in the first turn realize only 2 000 m2 in his favor, money for the remaining 4,000 m2 at the rate of 40,000 rubles per 1 m2 should come to the developer, after which Glazyrin A.V. could issue 4,000 m2 in the second stage, and again realize only 2,000 m2 in his favor, money for the remaining 2,000 m2 at the rate of 40,000 rubles per 1 m2 was due to the developer, after which Glazyrin could issue 2,000 m2 in the third queue and again to realize only 980 m2 in their favor, money for the remaining 1,020 m2 at the rate of 40,000 rubles per 1 m2 should come to the developer, after which Glazyrin could issue 1,020 m2 in the fourth turn and realize them by converting the money in his favor .
Fulfilling the terms of the agreement, V. Yabodoyev. at its own expense and on its own, organized the transfer of a land plot from the land of transport intended for housing a garage to residential construction land intended for multi-storey buildings, commissioned and manufactured a project, carried out an examination of the project, received a building permit, prepared a construction site, demolition of existing buildings and structures and land reclamation.
Glazyrin A.V. proposed to use as a developer controlled by the construction company OOO Zodchiy, to comply with the interests it was decided that Ubodoyev V.Ya. and Glazyrin A.V. in it will belong 49 and 51% in the authorized capital, respectively. To this end, the members of LLC «Zodchiy» were introduced: from the side of Glazyrin — Borisov NL, and from the side of Ubodoev V.Ya. — his daughter — Ubodoeva EV (04.06.2014 VB Ubodoeva was removed from the post of general director of OOO Zodchy, a new «nominal leader,» became controlled by Borisov NL and Glazyrin A.V. someone Nikolaev Oleg Ivanovich, in the time, with 29.11.2017, the general director of OOO Zodchiy is Boris NL, he is actually the sole owner, 1% in the authorized capital belongs to V. Yabodoyev).
Between OOO Zodchiy and Glazyrin A.V. The land lease agreement with cadastral number 03: 24: 032705: 35 with the area of ​​17 938 m2 was signed, according to which the rent was 75 250 rubles per month.
The construction of the residential complex was carried out with the attraction of money from citizens under the equity participation agreements. The developer was OOO Zodchiy, the construction was carried out by the general contractors: OOO Garant-Story and OOO Domstroykomplekt.
At the same time, Ubodoev had no relation to the actual conduct of the activities of OOO Zodchiy, engaged only in construction in the framework of the funds allocated to him by NL Borisov. and, behind him, the clan of the Glazyrins.
In fact, the construction of houses was at the expense of the forces and funds of contractors, the calculation with which money was not made. The contractors received the right to claim the apartments under the equity participation in construction contracts, after which the counter claims were offset. That is, the apartments handed over to the contractors were paid for by the services provided and the work done.
In turn, Boris N.L. after the construction of the first stage was selected for the project for Glazyrin A.V. apartments with a total area of ​​6,000 m2., Then in late June 2013, between OOO Zodchiy and six legal entities: LLC VostTorg (OGRN 1133850023020), OOO Monolit (OGRN 1133850022954), OOO Sistema (OGRN 1133850022790 ), OOO SibInvest (OGRN 1043802088043), OOO StroyBaykal (OGRN 1133850022503) and Torgmarket LLC (OGRN 1133850022976) entered into a share participation agreement in construction for the total amount of 240,000,000 rubles.
In payment of these contracts Glazyrin A.V. did not contribute money, but transferred from these companies (under signed certificates of acceptance and transfer) bills of exchange worth 240,000,000 rubles.
Later, between OOO Zodchiy and Glazyrin A.V. The opposite act of acceptance and transfer of bills was signed, which Glazyrin A.V. has accepted the specified bills in payment of rent of the ground area.
As for the above-mentioned 6 organizations participating in the Glazyrin-Borisov scheme, all of them are registered in early June 2013, as a single participant and the head have one individual: three — Mustafina Elena Viktorovna, two — Denis Vyacheslavovich Samsonov, one — Shutkin Tatiana Alexandrovna, since 01.09.2017 replaced by Samsonov Denis Vyacheslavovich.
Samsonov D.V. associated with Glazyrin A.V. for four organizations: OOO «Hunting farm» Angada «(OGRN 1123850032900), liquidated in 2014, OOO» Hunting farm «Angada» (OGRN 1113850037476), DNT «Yantar» (OGRN 1093850015170) and DNT «Pyad Yelovaya» (OGRN 1053811138810 ).
Shutkina TA connected with Borisov NL by LLC «Legal Services Bureau» (OGRN 1093850008086).
For 2015-2016, these organizations did not conduct any significant (comparable in amounts) activities.
Based on this, we can conclude that:
- these organizations were created only for registration of apartments on them, for the purpose of further implementation.
- Real money for these apartments is not supposed to be paid by these organizations.
Glazyrin A.V. received an income of 240 million rubles for the lease of land that did not declare, and was not going to declare.
The basis for the return of bills was the supplementary agreement to the lease contract for the land plot, according to which the lease term of the land plot was changed for 24 months and the lease payment was 240,000,000 rubles for the entire term, and the possibility of early payment of the lease was fixed. Signed on behalf of V. Yabodoyev. in this act, an unidentified person is forged (there is a conclusion of a handwriting examination), at the time of the return of the bills, V. Yabodoyev. LLC «Architect» was not in charge.
Thus, Glazyrin A.V. and Borisov NV, having entered into a criminal conspiracy, forging an additional agreement, changed the amount of rent payment from 75,250 rubles per month to 10,000,000 rubles a month, than they created conditions for the withdrawal of money from construction.
Having received the reverse act of transfer of bills, Glazyrin A.V. stated that he did not intend to contribute 160,000,000 rubles. At the same time, Glazyrin remained the owner of a land plot with cadastral number 03: 24: 032705: 35 with an area of ​​17,938 m2 cadastral value of 82,258,286 rubles 60 kopecks.
After the departure of V. Yabodoyev. from the company «Zodchiy», the back numbers were terminated share agreements concluded in June 2013 and instead of them on behalf of V. Yabodoyev. concluded contracts relating to the period from 07.10.2013 to 23.05.2014. Ubodoev's signatures in these agreements are executed by an unidentified person.
In February 2016, Glazyrin A.V. divided the land plot with cadastral number 03: 24: 032705: 35 with an area of ​​17,938 m2 for 4 land plots with cadastral numbers: 03: 24: 032705: 584 with an area of ​​5,019 m2; 03: 24: 032705: 585 with an area of ​​120 m2; 03: 24: 032705: 586 with an area of ​​10,213 m2; 03: 24: 032705: 587 with an area of ​​2 589 m2. After that he handed over a land plot of 03: 24: 032705: 584 with an area of ​​5,019 m2 with a cadastral value of 11,872,377 rubles 30 kopecks to the apartment owners in the first stage of the «Favorit» residential complex, and a land plot of 03: 24: 032705: 585 with an area of ​​120 m2 with a cadastral value 550 284 rubles, together with the substation Udan-Ude- energo, built on it. Taking into account the requirements of Federal Law 214 "On participation in equity construction
apartment buildings and other real estate ", this operation under these conditions is practically impossible, unless the officials responsible for this have entered into a conspiracy with the criminal group Glazyrina-Borisova.
At the moment, previously issued building permits are actually invalid, since the land plot has ceased to exist.
Thus, at the moment Glazyrin A.V. by deceit and use of forged documents, seized 6,000 m2 of residential space in the first phase of the «Favorit» residential complex with a total value of 240,000,000 rubles. At the same time, he handed over to OOO Zodchiy two land plots with a total area of ​​5 139 m2 with a total cadastral value of 12 422 661 rubles 30 kopecks. As a result of the actions of Glazirin OOO Zodchiy, damage was incurred in the amount of 227,577,338 rubles 70 kopecks. All these actions were committed by Glazyrin A.V. with the assistance of Boris NL
Today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Buryatia is investigating a criminal case against V. Ya. and his daughter. The initiators of the initiation of the case, which was very doubtful from the point of view of bringing it to court, were Borisov and Glazyrin, who used their connections to initiate the case, namely, Gennady Mikhailovich Litvintsev, who had previously worked as an advisor in the Presidential Administration, the third grade justice adviser, these places, but to everything else that is in the family relations with Borisov NL. (Aunt Borisova has an illegitimate son from Litvintsev GM). Plus also monetary interests. Litvintsev G.M. often happens in Ulan-Ude and clearly has an influence on the prosecutor of Buryatia Kovalyov Galina Nikolaevna. This is also evidenced by the fact that any «reasonable» arguments of the investigation in the case of Ubodoev, sent to the prosecutor's office, are not accepted, but there is persistent pressure to incriminate Ubodoev with the article «fraud».
Apparently, in this scheme, the former prosecutor of Buryatia (whose Kovalev GN has worked for many years as deputy), and now the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation — the main military prosecutor — Petrov Valery Georgievich is clearly or not clearly involved in this scheme.
Glazyrin and Borisov themselves got into this criminal trial in order to cover up the traces of their criminal activities and transfer responsibility for the failure of construction to another person, although now, given the resonance that got the deal, it would be more advantageous to negotiate, because. what can be presented to Ubodoev and his daughter is 20 million rubles, and what can be presented to VA Glazyrin. — this is 240 million rubles. And 13% tax on profits from rental income from 2013 (about 35 million rubles.).
Glazyrin A.V. with a view to divert attention from himself and create the appearance of the guilt of Ubodoev, organized the disturbances of co-investors, passed a series of rallies, letters were sent to the President of the Russian Federation. As a result, the problem was noticed and pointed out to it by the local administration in the person of the head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov. Tidenov faced a dilemma: to help defrauded co-investors by means of the budget of Buryatia (to the detriment of other projects) or to look for some alternative. And such an alternative was not slow to appear. In November, a business partner of Glazyrin V.V. — Anatoly Vladimirovich Steinberg organized Glazyrin A.V. meeting with Alexei Tsydenov. The result of this meeting was the signing of an agreement on the completion of the second phase of the residential complex «Favorit» until September 30, 2018. To complete the second stage of construction, about 90 million rubles is needed. The source of financing is the money received from the sale of vacant apartments in the LCD «Favorit». Glazyrin A.V. is the guarantor of execution of the agreement.
Glazyrinsky clan has already received free of charge more than 6,000 square meters. from 38 000 square meters. This was the first phase of construction, which was financed by private equity holders. All these meters went to fabricated contracts to companies controlled by Glazyrin. Now OOO «Zodchiy», whose CEO has already become Borisov NL, ordered to complete the object. Thus, both the developer and owner of the land becomes the same team or group of persons, by prior agreement, and deceived interest holders are victims of scammers.
Subsequently Borisov NL, acting in the interests of Glazyrin A.V. and being his accomplice, takes measures to conceal the true reasons for the difficult material situation of OOO Zodchiy. In particular, Boris N.L. if there is an opportunity to restore the financial position of Zodchiy LLC, in order to terminate the obligations to the equity holders, in case No. A10-7231 / 2016, appealed to the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Buryatia with a petition for imposing bankruptcy procedures in relation to LLC «Zodchiy» in a simplified procedure.
In addition, Boris N.L. He is actively negotiating with equity holders so that they renounce the property claims for apartments and transfer the claims to the financial plane. Also, Borisov unilaterally, as CEO of OOO Zodchiy, dissolves the share participation agreements for various reasons, thereby deceiving co-investors and depriving them of their property rights.

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